• Place butterfly garden on the south or southeast side of your home. (This will create a sheltered site with plenty of sun)

  • Gather 2 types of food sources:  Host Plants (H) and Nectar-producers (N).  Host Plants will attract a female butterfly.  She will use these plant to lay her eggs.  This plant will also be used as food for the baby caterpillars.  The Nectar-producers will provide food for an adult butterfly.    

Step 1:  Determine location

Step 2:  choose plants & flowers

Step 3:  Select the Plants and start planting

  • Use tall grasses, weeds and wildflowers.  Mass planting of the same type of flower provide excellent food and shelter for butterflies
  • Variety is still good though.  Use annuals, perennials, trees and shrubs all together.
  • Fragrant (F) plants are excellent for attracting butterflies.    These plants have pastel colored flowers with multiple florets.  Daisy shaped flowers that are flat with prominent center and long petals are also good.
  • Don't forget about Herbs!  Planting herbs among your flowers is an excellent way to attract more butterflies.  

Attracting Butterflies