trimming / deadheading

This will keep your flowers looking fresh!  

  • Mid season make sure to spend some time on your Petunias.  They will need it the most.
  • Trimming/deadheading will re-juvinate your plants so they will be beautiful again for fall

Water, fertilizer and in some cases trimming /deadheading are the keys to keeping a hanging basket healthy and beautiful.


Young Plants:  Make sure to let it dry slightly between watering

Established Basket:  Water daily if it is in full sun.  Test a basket if it is in shade.  If the basket is still heavy from the last watering then skip that day.  Too much water will drown a plant.


  1. Make sure to use a good granular fertilizer.  This will feed the plant with every watering.
  2. Replenish 2-3 times throughout the season.
  3. Weekly you should also supplement with a water soluble food that is appropriate to the plants in the basket.  (Petunias, Vinca, and Calibrachoa will enjoy a fertilizer for acid loving plants)

hanging basket CARE tips